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Pteranodons were flying reptiles that were about 6 feet long, had a 25-33 foot wingspread, and weighed about 25kg; its standing height was about 6 feet. This wing-span is longer than any known bird. Pteranodons had hollow bones, were lightly built, had almost no tail, and small bodies; they may have had fur. They had large brains and good eyesight. Some pteranodons had long, light-weight, bony crests on their heads that may have acted as a rudder or stabilizer when flying, or may have been a sexual characteristic. They had no teeth. Pteranodon wings were covered by a leathery membrane. This thin but tough membrane stretched between its body, the top of its legs and its elongated fourth fingers, forming the structure of the wing. Claws protruded from the other fingers.

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